As we continue to monitor and are provided guidance from the Centers for Medicare (CMS), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) all of the following answers are subject to change. Please check back regularly.

As a summary, we are not allowing for any non-essential visitors to enter the facility.  All entry, including staff must pass our screening for symptoms of any infections.  We understand that these precautions are far from our normal operating procedures but are being done solely to protect our residents. 

Thank you for your understanding and assistance through this unprecedented time.


May I visit a current Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Residents?


On March 13, as part of the broader Trump Administration announcement, CMS announced critical new measures designed to keep America’s nursing home residents safe from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The measures take the form of a memorandum and is based on the newest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It directs nursing homes to significantly restrict visitors and nonessential personnel, as well as restrict communal activities inside nursing homes. The new measures are CMS’s latest action to protect America’s seniors, who are at highest risk for complications from COVID-19. While visitor restrictions may be difficult for residents and families, it is an important temporary measure for their protection.

To read the full release click on the following link:


May I bring food or other personal items for a current Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living patient?


Only unopened food in its original packaging will be permitted. No perishables will be permitted. All items will be disinfected. Drop off times are between 9AM- 5PM at both main entrances. Items will be distributed within 24hrs. Please place all item in an open top box with the resident’s name on it.

Laundry may be dropped off for residents. It must be properly labeled and the facility will launder the items until further notice.


If my family member is actively passing, may I come visit?


Family will be permitted to visit with prior approval from the Director of Nursing and the primary physician.


When will I be able to visit my family member again?

At this time, we plan to follow CMS and CDC recommendations for as long as necessary. We will be updating residents and families as national and local updates become available.


Can I meet a resident during a scheduled appointment?


You can assist you family member at the appointment.  Please notify the facility if you will be meeting your loved one at the appointment.


How can I help The Bartlett Health?

  • If you would like to provide any commercial grade disinfecting items for your loved ones it would benefit our efforts. (Sanitization wipes, Lysol)
  • Any activity items such as: word search, puzzles, ceramic painting, painting items, gardening items, newspapers


How can I communicate with a loved one if they do not have a personal cell phone or communication device?

The emotional well-being of our residents important during this time. We understand that their quality of life and their health benefits from interaction with friends and family. We have two options to help facilitate communication with your loved one.

  1. To schedule a video or call please email:
  2. We are offering installation of Portal Mini. We can install this device within 24 hours of purchase. To purchase please email You will need a Facebook account to use this product. To find out more about how this device functions please click on the following link:
  3. You may bring your own portable communication device to the front office in its original sealed package and we can set it up!



For other frequently asked questions, feel free to visit the Texas Department of Public Health: